Wakan Tanka - a little different

New phone number

Recently, Wakan Tanka switched to a new phone number:
0033 (0)5 24 12 11 30.

Our small scaled family orientated campsite can be found in the Dordogne in France. Sited in one of the national nature reserves we’ve tried to create a place where our guests can relax. Away from the every day stress, you and your family can enjoy nature, space, a family breakfast, a relaxing walk, a few hours at the swimlake or just some time with a good book, while the kids are entertaining themselves looking for lizards or crickets.

Sleep in a wooden Tipi!

We organise a lot of activities at our little green campsite. There are walking trails, horse-riding, canoeing, castle to be viewed, there is a treetop trail to be climbed, and of course there are local weekly markets with lots of local produce.

Every morning we organise an hour of children’s activities, in which we help children craft a reminder to their holiday in the shape of an Indian shirt/dress, dream catcher and bow and arrows from mainly natural materials.